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You don’t know what you don’t know…

Understanding the challenges and benefits can make all the difference.
Our team of experts and contributors can walk you through local resources, help and guidance to navigating the challenges and barriers in housing, pay and more!
The best way to describe SEE YOU NEXT SEASON is the “Tinder” for the adventure travel industry. We help resorts and tourism businesses find great staff, and we help seasonal workers find great jobs.
SEE YOU NEXT SEASON was established at the end of the 2021/22 northern hemisphere ski season which saw chronic understaffing in many high profile resorts in North America. This resulted in a diminished experience for both visitors and resort workers, and will continue impacting these businesses, workers and visitors.
SEE YOU NEXT SEASON is designed to help ease the understaffing problem, make your hiring and job seeking more efficient and effective and is also a valuable resource for those working on the tourism front lines.

Meet the Leadership Team

Buying an around-the-world plane ticket in my early 20s was the best decision I ever made. It started an adventure for a lifetime. It opened up amazing job opportunities, and I met my wife in Colorado.

30 years later I want to help the next generation of adventurous people with SEE YOU NEXT SEASON.

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In order to succeed in planning you have to be willing to ask, and answer, the question; what are you willing to give up to get what you want? With good research and strength alignment at work, you can mitigate the downside to any situation…let us help you get there.

Let us help you find the people you need to succeed. 

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Meet our Expert Contributors

Gwyn is the type of guy who emails you and asks, “Hey bro, do you want to do a ride next month?” Don’t say yes until you know the details, because he’s probably talking about a three month journey across the Himalayas.

Based in NZ, Gwyn is an avid kayaker, telemark skier, hiker, and all-round adventurer.

He’s also a professional photographer who knows how to find a great brewery or winery after an epic adventure.

Louise is the snowboarder on the team who also doesn’t mind scaling mountains, going on multiday hikes, and ripping up the mountain bike trails.

She’s spent plenty of time in the Canadian Rockies and the Front Range region in Colorado.

Louise works as a physiotherapist and her career has taken her to all corners of the globe, skiing and treating people in Australia, Europe and North America.

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