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Known housing scammers working social media groups in ski towns.

Here’s a list of confirmed scammers trying to rip off seasonal workers in Canadian ski towns. Please note, it’s not a complete list, and we are happy to add people to it. Just email anything questionable for investigation. [email protected]

For more information please see our How to Spot a Scammer guide.

  1. Rachade Youl (scamming on Fernie and Whistler Facebook groups)
  2. Robert Williams (scamming on Whistler Facebook groups)
  3. Rebecca Hughes. Multiple Facebook Groups.
  4. Shawn Trev (scamming on Whistler Facebook groups requesting PMs from people looking for houses.  The following are all Banff and anything looking remotely similar is a scam. Pretty easy to spot, but they are persistent pests.
  5. Easy Rentals Canada. Working through various social media groups and Kijiji
  6. Hannah Hughes: Active in Silver Star and Whistler.
  7. Edward Smith: active on Banff, Whistler and Fernie Facebook groups.
  8. John Schroeder (Jonny) AKA John Eric Schroeder. This guy may be real but may be the victim of identity theft. The renters saw his Driver’s licence but requested a photo of him holding the licence before handing over the deposit. Which he refused to do.  Smart move.
  9. Rev. Richard Bassett operating on Whistler sites.
  10. A person using the email address [email protected]
  11. Shelley Frankling Whistler Ski Season 23/24
  12. Valerie Van  Balen on various Whistler sites.
  13. Clara Smith or anyone using these profile photos.
  14. Jeremy Weiss: Active on Whistler Sites and now in Vernon too.
  15. Lance Travino: Active on Whistler sites saying he is a part time resident.
  16. Dave Campbell on Whistle Rental Houses Facebook Group.
  17. Doris Joy working on the Big White and Whistler Facebook groups.
  18. Cathryn Wadey working over Banff, Whistler
  19. Jessica Johnson. Banff and Whistler
  20. Jessica Ann Robinson

  21. Edward Marshall operating in Whistler and Silverstar.

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