See You Next Season




No, We are just a platform for people to meet. We don’t hire, recommend, or charge employers if they hire people from our site.

Yes, We have no lock in contracts. 

Employers can get a one-off 90% discount on their first month of paid membership. A great way to trial premium membership with minimum financial outlay. 

Join as employer or log in to your existing account and create an ad via the My Profile portal. You are most welcome to post multiple ads.

These are premium feature ads for Blue and Black members. They allow employers to ad links to existing hiring portals so candidates can apply directly. 

Sorry, that’s a no. All ads must be for paid work at or above  your jurisdiction’s minimum wages and conditions. 

Seasonal workers can send their profiles to your favourites column in your My Profile portal. You will get an email alert if this happens. 

If you like the look of an employee on the database, simply click the “Get employee’s contact details” button and a point will be deducted from your account. Refresh the page and their contact details will appear. 

Yes, We will remove employers who post job ads that do not meet minimum wages or breach anti-discrimination laws.

No, we are simply a platform that helps employers and seasonal employees meet.

Employees earn badges by having full profiles, keeping them up to date, responding to employers promptly, and being actively engaged in our site. Employees with high ratings are serious job hunters. Employers can see what each badge means by hovering over them on employee profiles. 

Members get one (Green and Blue tiers) or two free points (Black tier) every two weeks when they have a zero points balance. Employers can also get free points by referring us to other employers using the unique referral code in their My Profile portal. 

Using the free ads and filters on the database helps you track down good staff quickly. Use your free points wisely and don’t rely on SEE YOU NEXT SEASON as a Hail Mary / any port in a storm hiring option.

Absolutely. We encourage employees to “Get Trained Up” by taking first aid, instructor, heavy vehicle driving tests, and other courses. You can post your course ads via your My Profile portal.


No, we just provide a platform where people can meet. We do not hire people, recommend people, or take a percentage of wages if you are hired through this site. 

Creating a profile takes about 5-10 minutes and it is best done on a computer or tablet.

Employers need all these details before considering you for a job.

Badges are awarded to employees if your profile is fully completed and updated within 60 days. Employees also get badges if they engage with our site, send their profiles to potential employers, and respond quickly to employer messages. The more badges the better you look. Employees can see how to earn specific badges by hovering over them on their profile. 

Of course and if you do find a seasonal job on your own, please pause your profile until you start looking for your next gig. Oh, and have an amazing adventure.  

Send this code to a friend and if they create a full employee profile we give you a badge.

Please get them to create a free profile (and cross reference each other by first name  in your dream job section) or create a joint profile. Employers really do need to know about your travelling companion(s), especially if you want to live together in employee housing. Remember, your travelling partners skills can make you both very attractive to employers.

If you meet the minimum experience requirements and can get a valid visa, you can send your profile to the hiring manager, by clicking the button at the base of the ad. The hiring manager will get an email alert. 

If you meet the minimum experience requirements and can get a valid visa, you can apply directly for the job via the company links.

Privacy is important so only your first name and current age is shown on the database. The database is not publicly available and employers must be registered to see it.