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Crested Butte Resort Profile

Crested Butte AKA Crusty Butt AKA CB is a medium sized ski resort in Colorado. It’s only about 30 miles South of Aspen but it’s a 5 hour road trip from one resort to the other. 

There’s multiple 14ers (14,000ft peaks) in between Aspen and CB so one resort can get buried while the other just gets a dusting. 

Crested Butte is known for it’s seriously steep terrain with runs topping out at 48 degrees. These runs aren’t groomed and they are filled with natural terrain so expect cliff bands and pillows. They aren’t short runs either so skiers need to be well-prepared to take them on.

Lower down the mountain there are cruiser and green runs, but it’s the double blacks that draw the hard core skiers. 

Crested Butte is split into two sections and they are linked with a free bus. The resort area is filled with condos that are within walking distance of the lifts. Downtown is 3 miles from the ski lifts and a super chill place to hang out. 

The local Burrito bar has a sign up saying “If we get more than 10 inches of snow, we don’t open until midday”. The whole downtown section has fabulous restaurants, bars, galleries, and just quirky little establishments. The last time I visited, just before Covid, I can’t remember seeing a chain store in town.

Crested Butt is too far away from Denver for day trips so it doesn’t get lift lines from hell like some of the Front Range resorts. The area has seen substantial population growth over the last few decades, and covid has super-charged the housing shortage. 

Unfortunately, Crested Butte has started to head down the Vail / Aspen / Telluride / Jackson Hole path where rents are rising so quickly long term locals are moving out of town.

Further down the Valley is Gunnison, a town that has some more affordable housing. The good news is, there’s a free bus for the 44km journey. 

Yes the skiing is fabulous and the town is charming, but if you want to do a season and stay at Crusty Butt, getting accommodation sorted well before winter is an absolute must. 

If you like the look of CB tag “Crested Butte” in the “places you want to work” section in your profile.

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