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Jackson Hole Resort Profile.

Jackson Hole is without doubt a premier ski resort in the USA. If you’re an advanced skier, you’d say it’s the best ski resort in the country.

First of all it’s big, 2500 acres and there’s another 3000 acres of gated back country terrain. There’s 1261m of vertical and a super efficient lift system. 50% of the terrain is rated expert and the most famous run in the USA, Corbett’s Couloir, is just one of many fear inducing chutes. 

460 inches of cold smoke powder a season completes the package. Yes, it deserves the reputation. And yes, many hundreds of world class extreme skiers base themselves in Jackson Hole for a reason.


Jackson Hole is busy. When a big storm rolls in, thousands of expert skiers with Ikon passes pour into town. They join the thousands of expert skiers already in town.

Think traffic jams, overflowing buses and lift lines. 

And then of course there’s the problem of affordable accommodation for seasonal workers. It’s was a horrible situation in 2019 and Covid has supercharged the unsustainable trend.

Wealthy “Zoom commuters” have moved into town buying old houses that were once rented out to employees, forcing up prices and rents. There’s a not for profit organisation that helps people shift these houses, relocating them to outlying towns instead of demolition them. 

The lack of affordable housing has forced businesses to offer big wages to attract workers. This year (2022), Target opened in Jackson with the starting wage being $24 per hour. 

Final Word: Yes the skiing is truly world class and you could have the best season of your life at Jackson Hole, but there’s also a very real chance of you heading home with your tail between your legs half way through the season, broke, and vowing never to return. 

If you don’t like skiing 40 degree plus slopes, this is probably not the resort for you.

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