See You Next Season


Unrealistic expectations for employers and employees.

This podcast is great for those doing their rookie seasons in ski resorts. There’s also some important information for people doing the hiring.

Going with realistic expectations and a good attitude will open doors for future seasons and summer work. Expecting a rock star lifestyle in your rookie season is not realistic. Sorry folks, you’re not getting a ski in ski out room with a hot tub on the balcony in that first year. (Unless you’re getting seriously subsidised by the Bank of Mum and Dad)

If you work hard, are competent and reliable, you can expect your boss to offer you a pay rise and/or managerial position next season.

The reality is, it’s a workers market and low paid, unglamorous jobs, that don’t allow seasonal workers enough ski time are not going to get filled.

Workers who are reliable, competent, and willing to learn will be embraced.

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