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Whistler local’s advice. Don’t come.

This podcast is going to upset people.

Whistler is screaming out for workers, and when a local says don’t come, that’s going to annoy business people in town.

The reality is, there’s no affordable housing in Whistler left. It’s full, and it’s been full for months. The number of workers in town is determined by the number of affordable beds, and there’s not nearly enough affordable beds to run that town.

A large number of seasonal workers (and long term locals) are going to have to leave Whistler in November and December. That’s a reality because the money will run out.  Getting a sublet just delays the inevitable, and forming little groups hoping to find a bigger place, doesn’t make affordable housing magically appear.

The podcast gives some rock solid advice on how to leave town on your terms, and not broke and miserable.

The final bit of advice in the podcast is “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good”.

Seasonal workers without housing, who are still clinging to that dream season at Whistler, are very likely to end up with no season at all.

You need a plan B. If you want help developing one, please create a free employee profile. I can look through it and offer better advice about suitable mountains. Your profile will also get seen by hiring managers who are on our system. If they like the look of your profile,  they can contact you via the site or get your contact details.

The podcast has some inconvenient facts. It’s confronting, but it’s so necessary.

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