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Working on the Surfcoast

Let’s keep this short and simple. The Surfcoast, 100km SW of Melbourne, is at the start of the Great Ocean Road. Torquay is a rapidly expanding town of 25,000 people, and it has amazing beaches, including Australia’s most famous surf spot Bells Beach. Torquay also has a cool cafe scene and is close enough to Melbourne for Day trips.

45km down the Great Ocean Road is Lorne, a jaw droppingly beautiful place. Picture huge forests, waterfalls, a sheltered bay for swimming, and a road that is considered as one of the world’s truly great drives.

The Surfcoast is the home town of SEE YOU NEXT SEASON and we are short staffed in the middle of the off-season. This situation is only going to get worse as summer roles in. We want you and we need people for a range of jobs, especially…

  1. Chefs
  2. Baristas
  3. Carpenters
  4. Bar tenders
  5. Surf instructors and outdoor educators
  6. House keepers
  7. Waiters
  8. Landscape gardeners
  9. Painters
  10. Labourers

You can check out the renting scene on this Facebook Group.

If you like the look of the this post, add Torquay and/or Lorne to your profile.

6 thoughts on “Working on the Surfcoast”

    1. admin

      Hey William. If you are interested in working on the Surfcoast, tag Torquay and Lorne in the “places you want to work” section on your profile. Adding a couple of photos to your profile will also help it stand out. cheers CUNS team.

  1. Hi, i am looking for a place to volunteer.

    My name is Monica, I come from Italy, Sicily and I am 21 years old.  I speak a little English, Spanish and French.

    I am interested in this magical place.  I practice surfing, yoga, dance and I love to travel to places surrounded by nature.

        I am looking for any type of work from September , paid or voluntary.  I have experience in the receptionist, bartender and digital marketing sectors.  I have a B driving license. I would also need accommodation. 

       I like to do a lot of things and challenge myself.  I love nature, simplicity and fun.
      I love helping others and giving positivity.

    I am an empathic, sociable and responsible person.  I would be grateful to be part of this project. 

        If you are interested, send me a message!

        Good day!


    1. admin

      Hi Monica, There’s very few places that provide accommodation with work on the Surf Coast. Why don’t you create a profile and tag in Torquay and Lorne. I know a few places that have accommodation with a job, but they are looking for a longer term commitment. At least over the peak summer period.

  2. Hey there 🙂 🤙🏼
    We are two surfers from Germany coming to Australia end of 2023. I don‘t know if you already plan for this time, but if you do, get in touch with us. I studied in Melbs for 1 year in 2019 but left at covid. We plan to stay in Australia long term, both have master degrees in sustainable development and can build surf bords. Also we could do board maintainance, bar and are also interested in giving lessons.

    Lets us know and best regards from Lima,
    Leon & Hannah 🙂

    1. admin

      Hi Leon.
      Please create profiles so you and Hannah can be found by employers. You can put in your preferred start time. The best time to get hired on the Surf Coast is in Spring. It gives you time to find some accommodation before the crowds come after Christmas.

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