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Great job ads for seasonal workers.

Last year we did a post about Why your “Job Wanted” ad fails.
Now it’s time to help seasonal employers create great “Staff Wanted” ads.
For the vast majority of seasonal workers, they aren’t looking for a career. In fact most of them are actively trying to avoid a career.
Gap year people have a very limited opportunity to live the resort lifestyle, so ads really should sell that lifestyle, and sell your destination.
“Come work in Aspen” will get a lot more attention than “We need a barista”.
“Surf during the day and bartend at night” is a lot more attractive than “Bartenders wanted”.
Sorry folks, I know this sounds harsh, but no young person heading out on their once-in-a-lifetime working holiday gets on a plane and says “I’ve just finished university and am flying to (insert country) to be a waiter”. That doesn’t mean young folk aren’t great workers, it just means they are motivated by things other than work.
Great “Help Wanted” ads sell the dream, focus on the destination, and let employees know they will have a good work / life balance.
Once ads have people’s attention, only then should they include information about minimum qualification levels, start times, pay scales, roles and responsibilities.
The other crucial way to grab potential employee’s attention is to include an epic hero shot in your ad.Great hero shots allow employees to imagine themselves in that photo. Here are two of the best examples of a great hero shots and selling the dream.
Good luck, and before you publish your ad, put yourselves in a 20 year old’s shoes about to jump on a plane chasing their dreams.

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