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All about that badge.

Hi Everyone,

Matt, Ravi, and myself have been busy developing a seasonal worker ratings system, and it is now up and running.

The main objective of the ratings system is to let employers know which seasonal workers are actively engaging with the SEE YOU NEXT SEASON platform. A seasonal worker with lots of badges has a complete and recently updated profile. They are actively looking for work, sharing job ads with friends, encouraging travel companions to create profiles,  sending their profiles to suitable employers, and generally showing a big interest in getting hired.

BTW, A seasonal worker with lots of badges and a paused profile has just secured a position and is no longer looking for work.

The badge system has been designed to give seasonal workers the best chance of getting hired. It’s also designed to make sure employers have a more streamlined hiring process, helping them find great people quickly.

The four current active badges are called:

  • Ready for Work
  • The Activator
  • The Job Hunter, and
  • The Networker

Employers and employees can hover over the badge graphics  to see how they are earned.

For a more detailed discussion of the badge system and why it matters, check out our podcast.

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