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How to get employee housing in ski towns.

Check out our latest podcast teaching seasonal workers the best way to put yourself at the front of the line for employee housing in ski towns.

Point one, is to select a resort or town with lots of employee housing. The podcast also helps seasonal workers find resorts and towns with affordable housing on the private rental market.

One thing we forgot to mention on the podcast is the dreaded “Employee housing waiting list”. If you are an entry level worker who isn’t doing an absolutely essential job, have a plan B if you’re on the waiting list. The brutal truth is, putting employees on a waiting list is extremely easy, but finding beds for every Level 1 instructor, waiter, childcare worker, and rental tech is impossible.

That waiting list will often have way more names on it than beds available.

Take a look at the following resort profiles for towns with great employee or affordable housing.

Panorama, Marmot Basin, Aspen, Sunlight

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