See You Next Season


Nailing your job interview.

Hi Everyone.

This podcast is designed for seasonal workers in the ski industry but the advice is good for all adventure job interviews.

We’ve ticked off a lot of topics but as per usual we’ve missed a few things. including the following.

  • Consider tidying up your social media. That “edgy” post might be seen in a different light by a hiring manager.
  • Remember you need three key things to set yourself up for the season. Visas, jobs, AND HOUSING. It’s very easy for employers in ski towns with chronic housing problems to say “yes” to lots of people, knowing most won’t find a place to live.
  • We recorded the podcast in August 22, 2023 and we discussed follow ups. Please note, there’s terrible fires near many Canadian ski resorts. Either delay your follow ups or keep them very short. If you don’t get an immediate response, it’s because there’s way more important things to deal with in Canada.
  • Don’t BS during the interview and exaggerate your abilities.
  • If a hiring manager thinks you are honest, competent, and reliable, you’re going to get offered a job.

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