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The Hiring Chaos in Ski Resorts

In this podcast, Matt and I cover a lot of ground about the current hiring chaos in the North America ski industry.

It’s a follow up to our last podcast that examines what motivates young seasonal workers.

While the podcast focusses on many inconvenient truths, we do acknowledge that some resorts do a great job attracting and keeping their staff. They treat their employees well, have good housing and their HR departments are efficient. If people want a lifelong career in the ski industry these resorts have programs to facilitate those dreams.

Employee-friendly resorts have a loyal workforce that actively recruit friends and family. Happy employees are wonderful advocates for their resort.

We also discuss some really unsustainable trends in the North American ski industry that are causing the understaffing crisis.

Poor wages and precarious housing are discouraging seasonal workers from staying in, or coming to, ski towns. The podcast also discusses short, medium, and long term solutions to the current problems.

I did forget to mention one very important issue: Ski resorts and destinations spend millions of dollars marketing to recreation skiers, and a tiny fraction of that trying to entice seasonal workers to their area. If you want help in this area, we are happy to put your resort on the radar of young seasonal workers.

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